Diploma (Our Programs)

Diploma in Audio Engineering

1 year Full Time Diploma Course

The students will learn

  • Audio Engineering
  • Music Production
  • Music Composition
  • Sound Designing
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Business & Performance Subjects

After this course, the students will be ready for successful career paths with a strong education background in the industry.

Extra Values
  1. Music
  2. Sports
  3. Networking
  4. Internship
  5. Career Opportunities


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Module 1

This module is formed for the basic requirement of the audio engineering subject.It describes physics , the fundamentals of electronics, the principles and components of sound and the study of human ear in both theoretical and practical ways.

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Module 2
Audio Engineering Foundation

This module is structured to explain what audio engineering is! It includes the lessons of how audio has generated, digital audio revolution, the tools for audio engineers and the practical testing of acoustics spaces as well as certain aspects of budgeting for recording studio construction.

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Module 3
Recording Arts

In this module, the practice and assignment of sound recording begin. Specifications of microphones, techniques of microphones placements, multi-tracks sound recorders and artistic ways of recoding sound are explained both theoretically and practically.

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Module 4
Mixing & Mastering Techniques

The lessons covered in this module are very important in music production today. A great mixing and mastering can dramatically increase the power and impact of any musical work. The techniques, tools, skills and procedures that are required for quality songs are described in this module.

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Module 5
Electronic Music Production

This module shows the important role played by computing technology.It also gives introduction to the rudiments of staff notation with an emphasis on the understanding of scores and charts as well as the skills in performing of various electronic music styles.An opportunity for students to exercise their skills in a class context is involved in this module.

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Module 6
Live Sound Engineering

This module comprehensively covers almost all aspects of sound reinforcement subjects.It deals with the classes of hardware that the modern engineer will use, such as loudspeaker systems and components, microphones, mixers, amplifiers and signal processors and how to artistically mix the sound in live concerts.

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Module 7
Audio Post Production

This module is designed for the essential skill to enter the audio post-production industry.It covers a broad coverage of audio post production, including the four basic elements: dialogue, music , sound effects, and Foley effects.Students will explore techniques on how to edit songs to fit a scene, record dialogue replacement, cue Foley effects for a scene, as well as many more.

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Module 8
Audio Engineering Industry

This module explores the features and operation of the entertainment industry.It considers the major issues currently facing the industry and speculates on possible developments in the future.It also focuses on basic management skills with regard administration, finance, personnel, networking and forward planning.